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PowerSchool Parent Accounts

We highly recommend that all Hawfields' parents have your own accounts in PowerSchool.  This will give you real-time access to your students' assignments and grades.
If you already have your parent account, from previous years at Hawfields or at other ABSS schools, you don't need to do a thing! Your account follows your student from elementary to middle to high school.
If you need to create your parent account, click here for general information about PowerSchool parent accounts.  Then, click the Parent Sign In link in the left column of that page and follow the on-screen directions.  You will need an Access ID and an Access Password.  This is a temporary user name and password that is generated by PowerSchool.  To get this ID and password, please contact our PowerSchool Data Manager, Lori McGilvery, at 919-563-5303 or by email.
Thank you!