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    Hawfields Middle School understands the need for the school to provide after-school care for our students.  We plan hold an after-school care program for students as we begin the 2019-2020 school year. 

    In order for us to offer the program, we must have an adequate number of students enrolled in the program to cover the operating costs.  If we have enough interest, we will operate the after-school program until 6:00 pm on school days. 
    Please review the program costs and contact Assistant Principal Christy Tramble at the school, 563-5303, if you want to enroll your child or have questions about the program. 
    Students in the program will be in an environment in which they can work on homework, independently read, engage in computer-based activities, and participate in school-based club activities.  Students in the program will receive a snack provided by the Child Nutrition Division of ABSS.

    Program Costs:

    The cost of the program is $180.00 per month.


    We are excited to be able to offer this service to the Hawfields Middle School community.  If you are interested in the after-school program, please contact Mrs. Tramble at 563-5303 and please  click here to add your child to the Husky Den list