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COHORT 2020 and 2021

We will be administering the ASVAB on Tuesday, October 30th during 1st & 2nd blocks. Any Junior or Senior who is interested in going into the military or who isn't sure what they would like to do as a career can take the test. Sophomores will be participating in mandated state testing on the 30th. They will have an opportunity to take the ASVAB during February while the Juniors are doing mandated state testing. Juniors will not be able to test in February!! If you would like more information about the test contact Ms. Farmer in Room 103. Your advisory teachers will also have a sign-up sheet available the last week of September.

*NOTE: By participating in the ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP), you are under no obligation to speak with a recruiter or enlist in the Armed Forces. Once the school receives your results, an ASVAB CEP program representative will interpret your results and help you to understand how your skills, interests, and values will assist you as you plan for college and your future in the world of work. *


Click on this link to sign up to take.