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8th Grader Joins USAF Band Member


The United States Air Force Band in Washington DC started a Duet Initiative as a way to stay connected to students and communities across the nation during this global pandemic. They too are quarantined and shut down except for buglers playing Taps at Arlington National Cemetery and for creating video products like this one. 8th grade Woodlawn student Mary Long found one of their videos on facebook that featured 4 trombone players from the Ceremonial Brass playing "Song for Health" which was composed by Steven Verhelst (a Belgian composer) to honor and pay tribute to our front line workers during this difficult time and part of a Music Doesn't Stop movement on social media.   Mary was so inspired by this video she wanted to do her own version as part of this Duet Initiative so  prepared this piece and submitted it a couple weeks ago. 
Please enjoy the piece with MSgt Christine Jones, Ceremonial Brass trombone player and former colleague of our band director, Mr. McConnell, playing the second part of this duet with Mary.