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Principal's Corner (10/3/2021)

Good afternoon this is Emmet Alexander, principal of the Alamance Virtual School (AVS) with your update for the week.

Parents, please be sure to check your child’s attendance and grades.  We have been in school for almost 30 days and we need everyones’ best effort to be successful in the virtual environment.  This includes logging into class on time each day and being on camera during instructional time.  It also means that asynchronous lessons are completed in a timely fashion.  It is very difficult for students to progress and be successful without full participation!

Monday, 3rd graders participate in the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) which will be administered at Central Office, please utilize the Camp Rd entrance.  Students need to arrive by 9:30 am and be picked up by 12:15 pm.  Each student should have a pencil for testing and a book to read in the event that they finish testing early. 

Tuesday is the 30th day of school, the Fall ACT will be administered to our Juniors.  Also, teachers will email students’ progress reports to parents. Please focus on the progress reports to stay abreast of your child’s momentum in class.

Friday is a teacher workday and there is no school for students.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Emmet Alexander

K-12 Principal

Alamance Virtual School