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Principal's Corner (10/24/2021)

Good afternoon this is Emmet Alexander, principal of the Alamance Virtual School (AVS) with your update for the week. 

Last week, I hope that every eligible individual took advantage of the supports from College Application Week. 

We have benchmarks this week in Math I, Math III, and English II.  Students, please put your best foot forward when completing these assessments. 

Parents and students, please stay on top of missing assignments and attendance.  I do not want anyone to fall behind. 

We also would like to address cameras.  EVERYONE knows that each student should be visible to the instructor during class time.  If you are not, you are not present and will be counted absent.  If this is an issue, the simplest solution is to log in and be present each day.

A quiet reminder that the end of the 9 weeks is October 27th and the question that needs to be asked is,

          “Time is passing, are you?”

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Emmet Alexander

K-12 Principal

Alamance Virtual School