The English II exam is an online state End-of-Course Test. 

The exam is reading intensive and contains both
multiple choice and written response questions.
The NC English II End-of-Course Test accounts for
20% of the semester average. 
Our goal is for 100% of English II students to
demonstrate proficiency on this challenging test. 
NC Department of Public Instruction has posted a
released copy of an English II EOC from 2012. 
Students and parents may view the released English II EOC
to gain a clearer understanding of the EOC's format and complexity. 
Supplies needed for English class:
The students will need a three ring binder for
notes, worksheets, and other English materials. 
This binder will serve as the student's notebook.
Students should bring paper (college or wide ruled), pencils,
and a highlighter on a DAILY BASIS.

Tutorials are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:25 - 4:30 PM in C-6

Students may attend a tutorial to make up missing work or to receive additional assistance.  
Ms. Caviness is also available by appointment.