4th Grade


Fourth Graders:

Fourth grade reading students have been hard at work learning about NC Agriculture!  Students worked with a partner to research various agricultural products in NC.  Once research was complete, we worked as a class to create a google slideshow about the crops.  As we were sharing the slideshows we talked about how to make our presentations better and how some of us got a little off track in researching because we were supposed to focus on NC agriculture but some lost focus and researched ag in the US instead.  This was an excellent learning experience because it allowed us to talk about what we need to do differently in the future to stay on track while researching a topic.  On Monday of next week students will work on a calendar picture of something they learned about NC agriculture.  Once these pictures are completed, we will mail them to the NC Agriculture calendar contest in hopes that one of them will be selected as a winner and printed in the calendar for 2020-2021.  
Next in reading we will learn about The Lost Colony through reading passages.  After we learn a little about what the Lost Colony was, students will participate in a colony simulation.  They will read about various people from that time period and how they applied to go on the journey to the new world.  Students will take on the role of leader of the crew and they will choose which people should go and which should not.  Students will be asked to justify their decisions based on the text.  After choosing the crew for the journey, we will participate in an online activity titled, Journey to Jamestown.  This is a fun simulation where students answer questions about settling when they get to the new world and the simulation tells them if they survive and how well they did or didn't do.  
Math students have been hard at work with all things Marcy Cook!   Marcy Cook is the inventor of sets of task cards where students apply knowledge they have of various math topics to complete a task card.  We've worked on the 2 digit addition set, GCF/LCM, and Beyond 1000 Place Value set this year.  Students have learned a lot and practiced numerous skills through these cards.  Next we will start our Holiday Shopping Unit. This unit integrates LOTS of math standards as students learn to multiply decimals, add and subtract decimals, calculate percentage off, calculate sales tax, and even balance a checkbook.  It's a lot of fun, but can be super hard if they get behind.  Please ask them each day if they have anything to complete in their checkbook for AIG.