5th Grade

Fifth Graders:


Reading students are finishing a novel study with the book, The Old Willis Place.  While reading this book we worked on lots of 5th grade reading skills:  determining word meanings based on context clues, using text evidence to support our answers, and summarizing.  We will wrap up the book study the week of November 18th and start our State Santa Research Project.  For this project, students will choose a state in the United States to research.  Once research is complete, they will create a Santa to represent the state.  The rubric can be found at the link below.  The rubric will be used to grade the projects!  We will do most of the work on this project at school over the next few weeks.  The final projects will be due December 16th.  Please do NOT work on these at home right now.  We will research at school all of next week and the week of Thanksgiving.  Then we will start writing the paragraphs and I will help edit them during class.  The only part that should need to be done at home is decorating the poster and maybe typing the paragraphs once they have been edited.  This is a fun project where students learn a lot about a state in the United States, how to use google as a research tool, and they get to be creative in writing the paragraphs about the new Santa based on the state they research.

 State Santa Sub Rubric

Math students have also been super busy this year!  We are currently finishing a digital breakout that allowed students to review multiplying decimals (this is a 5th grade skill that we learned during 4th grade AIG math), area and perimeter, and adding decimals.  They also had to divide decimals which was quite difficult at first because they hadn't learned it yet.  They've had a lot of fun doing it, but it's definitely made them think and has been quite challenging!