Tardy Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The administration, teachers and staff members here at Hawfields believe that one of the major keys to your child’s success is regular school attendance. Regular school attendance includes having students on campus, ready to learn, when the school day begins at 8:10 each day. When students do not arrive on time, their opportunity to learn is negatively impacted.

To improve the attendance of our students here at Hawfields, we have established a tardy policy for students.

Students who have an unexcused tardy 3 or more times will be assigned After School Detention for the following Tuesday or Thursday. Detention will be held with Mrs. Scott and will last until 4:00. In ASD students will be given the opportunity to work on any assignments or work they may have missed because of their late arrival to school.

1st tardy - verbal warning
2nd tardy - written warning
3rd tardy - ASD
Every tardy after - ASD

If your child receives After School Detention, parents will be notified by Mrs. Scott and given the opportunity to choose which day their child will serve detention.

Thank you,
Hawfields Administration