Mission Statement

HMS seeks to provide engaging work focused on preparing students for success in a globally competitive environment.

We believe:

-       every child can be successful.

-       the faculty functions as a team, collaborating to plan within and across the curriculum to promote student achievement.

-       educators are professional, reflective practitioners who are committed to lifelong learning.

-       a safe and nurturing environment is essential to learning.

-       every individual is a valuable person with unique abilities and talent to develop.

-       learning is a collaborative process that should be equitable, challenging, and transforming.

-       parents want what is best for their children, and should be actively involved in the education of their children.

-       each child has a responsibility to demonstrate intellectual and social growth.

-       in a strong partnership between the school and the local community.

-       in making data-driven decisions to address and improve student achievement.

-       communication is imperative for success.