Q & A for Parents of Rising 6th Graders - English

SIXTH GRADE Q&A:  Some Notes for Parents


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  1. What schools feed into HMS?
  2. The elementary schools that send students to Hawfields are Garrett, Alexander Wilson, BE Jordan, and South Mebane.


  3. What is the earliest that students can arrive in the morning?
  4. We do not provide supervision for students until 7:30 so we ask that students do not arrive prior to 7:30.


  5. If there is a sibling at Garrett, may I drop them off at HMS or vice versa?
  6. We do allow parents to drop siblings off at one location.  We ask the older students to escort the younger students to Garrett, if parents choose to drop off their children at Hawfields.  Please do not drop students prior to 7:30.


  7. What time is the school day over?
  8. We dismiss at 3:25.


  9. Where do I pick up my child if he/she stays after school?
  10. Most of the time you will pick up your child in the front of the building (circle drive). However, if we have any events on our football field or baseball field, you will need to use the Garrett Elementary entrance and park behind the fields.  This includes athletic events, band practices, and our mega party (like a fall festival).


  11. Is afterschool care available?
  12. We do not provide after school care, because we do have neither the personnel nor the facilities to accommodate this program. 


  13. Are there any afterschool clubs for sixth graders?
  14. We have a tremendous number of afterschool activities in which all students can participate.  A few examples are badminton club, creative writing, art club, drama club, weightlifting, running club, volleyball club, chess club, etc…

    (clubs run intermittently due to our athletic schedules).


  15. Can my sixth grader play sports?
  16. North Carolina prohibits 6th graders from participating in interscholastic athletics.


  17. Are there school dances?
  18. We have four or five dances each year.  The dances are usually two hours long.  It costs $3 to attend the dance.  We also sell concessions.  Parents often volunteer to work in the concession area at our dances so the staff can be in the cafeteria supervising the students.


  19. What’s a typical day for sixth graders?
  20. Sixth graders report to the cafeteria when they arrive at school.  They remain in the cafeteria until they are dismissed to go to class.  (During the first week of school, teachers come to the cafeteria to pick up the students.) Sixth graders have their core classes (ELA, Social Studies, Science, and Math) in the morning.  They go to their exploratory classes in the afternoons. 


  21. Does my child get to choose his/her classes?
  22. Sixth graders do not choose elective classes.  Students rotate through art, music, business, computers and/or global studies.  They will also take PE and Health.  The only exception is if a student enrolls in band.  Band students do not take any other elective other than PE and Health.


  23. What is Pride Academy?
  24. Pride Academy is a time built into the schedule that gives teachers the opportunity to work with students who may be struggling in an area or class. 


  25. How much interaction will my sixth grader have with 7th and 8th graders?
  26. We keep the grade levels separate throughout the day.  Each grade level has its own wing.  They may see other grade levels in the hall when going to the library or lunch, but that is pretty much the limit to their interactions.


  27. Will my child be safe?
  28. Hawfields is a very safe school.  The staff takes every possible measure to make sure students feel physically and emotionally safe.


  29. What are ISS and Choices?
  30. ISS stands for in-school suspension.  Students may be assigned to ISS as an alternative to out-of-school suspension for some infractions to the code of conduct.  “Choices” is ISS for only part of a school day.  Teachers sometimes will send a student to “Choices” for the remainder of the period if the student is not following classroom rules.


  31. What does it mean when my student gets a signature?
  32. We are implementing the Positive Behavior Intervention Support program.  Students have an infraction log in the middle of their planner (agenda).  Teachers may give students a signature for not doing homework, chewing gum, not being prepared for class, etc…  Signatures result in points being deducted.  Any student who earns 90% of the possible points during a grading period will earn a reward – games, prizes, etc…


  33. What does it mean when my student gets a stamp?
  34. Stamps are the opposite of signatures.  Students can collect stamps for positive behaviors.  Stamps can be exchanged occasionally for prizes.


  35. How is dress code different from elementary school?
  36. As students get older and more mature, we have to adjust the dress code.  Skirts, dresses, shorts – should come to or within 3 inches of the knee.  Pants must be worn at the waist.  No advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, etc… are acceptable. No strapless or halter tops.  Straps must be at least 3 fingers wide (no spaghetti straps).  Our complete dress code can be found on our website.  Point to the School Information menu, then click on About Our School to find the dress code as well as a great amount of other information.


  37. Does my child need a change of clothes for PE?
  38. We do ask that students change into appropriate workout clothing for PE – shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.


  39. Are there lockers at HMS? 
  40. The only lockers that are available are in the gym and used only for PE.  Students will carry their personal items with them during the school day.


  41. What are the options for lunch (i.e. – cost, dollar bar, microwaves, etc.)?
  42. Students can choose from the regular lunch at the regular price or they may purchase from the “dollar” bar.  Items cost anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 and include things such as chips, Gatorade, pizza, cookies, etc….


  43. How will I know my child is out of lunch money?
  44. The cashiers will tell your child. You will also receive a phone call if your child borrows lunch money. Any student who owes lunch money will not be allowed to participate in trips, athletic events, dances, etc…


  45. Is my child allowed to bring drinks from home?
  46. Yes, if it is part of the lunch they bring from home.  No, if they are purchasing lunch in the cafeteria.  One exception is that some teachers allow students to have water bottles.  We ask that the bottles the students bring be clear water bottles.


  47. What supplies do I really need to buy?
  48. We will post a suggested list on our webpage near the end of the school year.  The basics of paper and pencil are for sure. Each team also will give you a list of needed supplies at our Open House in August.


  49. Will I get to meet my child’s teachers before school starts?
  50. Yes, you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and tour the school at Open House in August.


  51. Where can I get more information regarding school policies?
  52. The HMS website (http://ham.abss.k12.nc.us) is a great place to find answers to many questions.  If you can’t find the answer there, please mail Mr. Hook or a counselor.


  53. What is HAB?
  54. Hawfields Academic Boosters is the parent organization that supports students and staff at the middle school.  The group collects Box Tops for Education and Coke Rewards, holds monthly dessert raffles where the staff members win treats, organizes monthly restaurant nights, and more.  Parent support is vital to your child’s academic success throughout his/her entire school career.


  55. How can I get involved?
  56. There are many opportunities throughout the school year (and even some over the summer) to help make a difference, ranging from lending a hand on campus, volunteering, sending in items, etc. The need for your talents does not stop when your children leave elementary school. If you would like to get involved with the parent group, contact them at HMSHAB@yahoo.com.