Car Rider Pickup Procedure

New Car Rider Pick-up Procedures to Begin Monday


Recognizing the need to make our car rider pick-up procedures safer for students, parents, and staff, Hawfields Middle School will begin our new car rider pick-up procedures Monday, September 16. Effective Monday, all after-school loading of students into vehicles will occur only in the staff supervised “student loading zone” located between the two solid white lines in front of our gym entrance.  This change means that parents will no longer be able to walk to the car rider line to pick up students.  This safety improvement will prevent walking pedestrians from moving through and around our “student loading zone”.  We will have staff members directing traffic to form two lines in the “student loading zone”between the two solid white lines.  Once every car in the “student loading zone” is loaded, cars will be released to leave and we will move more cars into the “loading zone”. 

To get the car rider line moving quickly each day, we will collect the names of individuals at the front portion of the car rider line and announce for them to be dismissed directly to the “student loading zone.” All other car riders will be kept indoors and we will announce for them to be released to the “student loading zone” as their vehicle approaches the loading zone.  We want to emphasize that this new procedure is in the name of safety and we hope you will agree that our first priority is assuring that our procedures are safe for all students, parents, and staff.