May 28

05.28.13 - 

Good evening Hawfields' families.  I want to remind everyone that end-of-grade tests begin for students tomorrow morning. 

  • Once again, we will be collecting cell phones and all other electronic devices before testing begins and returning them to students after testing has been completed. If you or your child do not want your child's phone collected by his/her teacher, the phone should be left at home on Wed. and Thurs.  If a child is caught with an electronic device, they will have to be removed from testing and will have to take a different test on a separate day.  
  • As before all major testing, please make sure your child gets to bed early, eats a good breakfast and arrives on time.  
  • No students are allowed to enter the testing room after testing begins so it is important that all students arrive by 8:10.  
  • If a student leaves early, he/she will have to take the entire test over on a separate day, so please do not check your child out early on these days. 
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help proctor for us for the state testing. We appreciate your support.  Thank you and have a great evening.