Computer Care

lap top Computer Care


  • To protect your computer, please place it on a table or other stable surface in your learning environment.


  • Due to weak internet connections, you may experience gliches when using audio and video.  Turning off your video to speak will help eliminate the gliches.


  • If you experience microphone problems, try recording a FlipGrid video to determine if it is a computer issue or a Zoom issue.


  • Remove your headphones if you are hearing added background noise.


  • If you have an ABSS HotSpot, it should only be used for school purposes.  There is limited data that is quickly used up when gaming.


  • Each night, shut down the computer by choosing shut down from the power menu in the bottom left corner.


  • Regularly clear the browsing history in Google Chrome:  In the top right corner, choose the 3 vertical dots, choose  More Tools, choose Clear Browsing Data. choose Clear.   You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Delete and then choose Clear.