NHS Application Window: Fall 2021


The application period for Eastern Alamance High School's National Honor Society is going to begin in October and close at the end of the month; then, throughout November, the Faculty Council will read and vote on membership, with decisions coming out at the end of that month. 


To qualify for selection, you must:

  1. The candidate must be a junior or senior.
  2. Per the NHS National Constitution, candidates must have been in attendance at the school the equivalent of one semester.
  3. The candidate shall exemplify the following criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.
  4. For scholarship, a candidate must maintain a 3.25 unweighted and 3.5 weighted grade point average. GPA does not round.
  5. For leadership, fthe candidate must indicate one verifiable leadership role the candidate has held since entering high school either in the school or community.  A candidate will also need to note one positive leadership accomplishment in that role. An adult associated with the organization will need to confirm the candidate’s participation (this adult should not be a parent).
  6. For service,a candidate must indicate at least ten verifiable service hours since their freshman year. An adult associated with the service opportunities will need to confirm the candidate’s participation (this adult should not be a parent).
  7. A candidate must provide two teacher recommendations—one of which must be from a core teacher (English, Math, Science, or Social Studies) and one of your choice. All core teacher recommendations must be from this current semester or last year. A “teacher choice” recommendations can be from any teacher from any semester. A candidate must provide one community recommendation; this can be from a religious group leader, community service organization, scout program, sports team, etc. These recommendations will play the largest role in the character component of the application.


For a more detailed explanation of the qualifications and application process, you may see open this interest meeting presentationThis video companion to the interest meeting presentation essentially provides applicants with the content we reviewed during the interest meetings the final week of September.


To proceed with the application each applicant needs to complete:

  1. The application (it is a google form)
  2. The application parent form: both the applicant and parent/guardian needs to complete and sign this form.  Make sure to give this to Mr. Peters in A2.
  3. Each applicant also needs to give this recommendation form to the three individuals who are going to serve as character references.  Remember, two must be teachers (one a core teacher) and one must be a communiy member.  These recommendations must be completed on paper.  Note: if the applicant plans on returning any recommendation, they must have the recommendation in a signed and sealed envelope (an envelope where the reference signed across the seal).