Announcements with Progress Report 3/7/13

The following announcements will be found on the back side of the Progress Report that is coming out on 3/7/13. 

Notification of online updates:

 Would you like to get notification when my website is updated?  If so, please register using the link at the top right corner of the school webpage and subscribe for updates to my page (and any other pages on my site).  Class calendar, homework assignments, extra practice pages, and more are available at my website.

Tutoring Updates:

 Tutoring is offered on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 3:20 – 4:00.  A bus now runs on Thursday afternoons at 5:00 for those students that do not have transportation.  I will be happy to stay with students on Thursday until tutoring is complete, and then walk them down to the Success Academy in the Media Center if they do not have transportation and need to ride the late bus.  The Success Academy will be monitored by another staff member and will be a place for students to complete homework, with access to computers if needed.  For those that cannot stay in the afternoons, tutoring is available with other Algebra 1 teachers every morning (Mr. Martin in Room A-1 has offered to help any of my Algebra 1 students that need help in the morning—he is available M-F, 7:30-8:05am). 

Make-Up Policy:

If the student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to get the make-up assignments from the Make-Up Center in the classroom.  Students have 3 days to make up work after returning from an absence.  If a student has missed multiple days, please see the teacher to request an extension on the deadline.  Any make-up work not turned in by the third day WILL BE RECORDED AS A ZERO.

NOTE: Refer to the school handbook for school policies/procedures regarding class absences.

Retesting Policy:

 Retests are available for those that would like to retake any tests.  However, retests will adhere to the following policies:

·         The highest grade possible from a retest is 77.

·         One tutoring session is required before a retest is granted.

·         Students have one week after tests are returned to retest.  NO RETESTING after that week.  This is for the benefit of the student.


  If you have further questions, please visit my Teacher Webpage on SAHS’s web site for information about class and contact information.