9-16-19 Parent Note

 Dear Parents,

 Please review all the items listed with your child.


-label all money (name and what the money is for) and return signed forms in folder

-wear tennis shoes or closed toe shoes every day for the playground

-send a healthy snack and water bottle daily (it is a quick snack)

-Tuesday is picture day 17th

-Wednesday is no school for teacher workday 18th

-put snack in a different bag from lunch please- if possible, do not send snacks in a lunch box, they think it is a lunch

 -class t-shirt money is due

-In the morning, you can drop off kindergarten children in front of the gym, even if their siblings are in an upper grade.

-lunch is at 12:40 please come if your child is ready for this-  check in at the office and get a visitor sticker and meet us in the cafeteria.  We sit to the right of the door.

-If your child goes home a different way, please call the office.  I may not see the note.


Monday: Technology

Tuesday:  no specials

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art and Music

Friday: Library (return books in the bags please)

 What we are learning:

-our names and to write them using a capital for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest

-draw a person with a head, body, legs, arms, eyes, nose, mouth, hair and clothes

We can draw anything using circles and sticks.

-counting at home up to 10 then try 20 when ready

-Youtube ABC songs: ABC Hip Hop, Jack Hartman ABC songs

-Reading:  in a book words go left to right, top to bottom, and page to page—the difference between a letter and word---find space between words in a sentence with cotton balls

-Math- number of the day, count to 20, taller/shorter, longer/shorter, heavier/lighter--- have your child find items taller and shorter than an item at home etc.

-colors- Pete the cat colored shoes, color songs, Brown Bear Brown Bear—try sorting cereal by colors at home, we made necklaces with fruit loops

 What we are learning and things to ask your child:

Where is the front or cover of the book? Back of the book? Title?  Title page? Where are the author and illustrator’s names?  Point to 1 word.  Point to 2 words. Point to 1 letter and 2 letters.  Point to a capital letter and a lower case letter.  Point to a period.  Where do you start to read a book?  Which way do I point?  (left to right)  Who are the characters? Where is the setting of the book? Where is the first part of the sentence?  Where is the last part of the sentence?  Have your child point to the words as you read.  Show me a letter.   A word.  A sentence.

 Every sentence starts with a ______ letter and ends with a ______.  (capital, period)

Please watch the way your child holds a pencil.  Make sure they are pinching it with 2 fingers and resting it on the other 3.  Try using a cotton ball to hold with 3 fingers that turn in!!

 Have them show you their left and right hands.  Left hand makes an L out of the thumb and pointing finger!!  They know how to do this!!!



Mrs. Watson