9-23-19 Parent Note

Dear Parents,

Please review all the items listed with your child.

Reminders and Dates:

-9-26 progress reports will come home

-9-27 T-shirt money needs to be returned


Monday: Technology

Tuesday: no specials

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art and Music

Friday: Media please return books

 What we are learning:

-our names and to write them using a capital for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest

 -Writing:  draw a person with a head, body, legs, arms, eyes, nose, mouth, hair and clothes and draw a picture that tells a story and share it with a buddy

 -counting at home up to 10 then try 20 when ready

 -Youtube ABC songs: ABC Hip Hop, Jack Hartman ABC songs, Jack Hartman has a lot of rhyming songs

 -Rhyme:  sing songs like Down by the Bay and have your child rhyme words, tell them two words like dog and log- they give thumbs up or cat and mouse they give thumbs down for no rhyme

 -Reading:  We have been learning the job of the illustrator and author.

 -Math: number of the day, writing and counting numbers 0-5  please practice at home

 -Science: textures that are in the world- find different textures at your house and do a texture hunt


Prizes for prize basket (candy, pencils, stickers, etc.)



Please let me know if you have any questions.   I want everyone to be happy and excited about kindergarten.



Mrs. Watson


Email address:  tracy_watson@abss.k12.nc.us



What we are learning and things to ask your child:

Where is the front or cover of the book? Back of the book? Title?  Title page? Where are the author and illustrator’s names?  Point to 1 word.  Point to 2 words. Point to 1 letter and 2 letters.  Point to a capital letter and a lower case letter.  Point to a period.  Where do you start to read a book?  Which way do I point?  (left to right)  Who are the characters? Where is the setting of the book? Where is the first part of the sentence?  Where is the last part of the sentence?  Have your child point to the words as you read.  Show me a letter.   A word.  A sentence.

 Every sentence starts with a ______ letter and ends with a ______.  (capital, period)

Please watch the way your child holds a pencil.  Make sure they are pinching it with 2 fingers and resting it on the other 3.  Try using a cotton ball to hold with 3 fingers that turn in!!

 Have them show you their left and right hands.  Left hand makes an L out of the thumb and pointing finger!!  They know how to do this!!!