9-30-19 Parent Note


Dear Parents,

Please review all the items listed with your child.


 Reminders and Dates:

-T-shirt money needs to be returned by the 27th Friday

-October 4th is Fall Festival 6-8

-return field trip money


Monday: Technology

Tuesday: no specials

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art and Music

Friday: Media

 What we are learning:

-our names and to write them using a capital for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest

 -Writing:  draw a person with a head, body, legs, arms, eyes, nose, mouth, hair and clothes and draw a picture that tells a about a cookie you like and why and then share it with a buddy

 -counting to 20 then 30 when ready

 -Youtube ABC songs: ABC Hip Hop, Jack Hartman ABC songs, Jack Hartman has a lot of rhyming songs

Please ask your child to make a rhyming word with a word you say.  Example:  you say cat they say bat

 -Rhyme:  sing songs like Down by the Bay and have your child rhyme words, tell them two words like dog and log- they give thumbs up or cat and mouse they give thumbs down for no rhyme

 -Reading:  We have been learning about asking and answering questions when reading a story.  Use the words who, what, and where with your child when reading to them.  Let them ask questions about the pictures before reading to them.


-Math: number of the day, writing and counting numbers 6-10

We used a die to count the dots.  Please play games with a die at home.

 -Science: textures that are in the world- find different textures at your house


Prizes for prize basket (candy, pencils, stickers, etc.)

Please let me know if you have any questions.   I want everyone to be happy and excited about kindergarten.

I have included in your child’s Monday folder a poem for each number 1-10.  Please keep the sheet and put it in the page protector.  I have sent you an expo marker to keep at home.  I will be sending other sheets you can slide in and use over and over.  Your child can write with the marker on top of the page protector and do this nightly.  Please practice writing b, f, and t in the page protector as well. 



Mrs. Watson

Email address:  tracy_watson@abss.k12.nc.us