10-7-19 Parent Note


Dear Parents,

Please review all the items listed with your child.

 Reminders and Dates:

  • 15th field trip to Farm
  • 16th early release
  • 25th scary hair day 50 cents
  • 29th no school 




Monday: Technology

Tuesday: no specials

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art and Music

Friday: Media


What we are learning:

-our names and to write them using a capital for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest

-please go over the letters in your child’s name and then ask them the letters out of order to see if they know the letters out of order

 -Writing:  draw a picture and tell a story about the picture (who-where-what is happening)  We drew a picture about Fall.

 -counting objects at home up to 10 then try 20 when ready

 -Youtube ABC songs: ABC Hip Hop, Jack Hartman ABC songs, Jack Hartman has a lot of rhyming songs 

-Reading:  We have been learning that you ask and answer questions when reading an informational book about pumpkins.


-Math: numbers 0-10, counting objects by touching, counting out loud, move and count, count and say the last number and subitizing.  Jack Hartman has a subitizing song to 5.  Watch it!  Practice writing numbers 1-10.

 -Science: seasons-name and describe them

--Letters and sounds:  We have started learning the letters b, f, t, m, and n. We use a letter, keyword and sound.

So practice b bat /b/, f fun /f/, t top /t/, m man /m/, n nut /n/. 

I have sent home an ABC paper.  Please use that in the paper protector and find the letters we have been learning.  Practice writing them at the bottom.


--Words: We have 100 to learn this year.  I need your help with this task.  Please go over the words as much as possible at home.  I have sent home a bag with the word cards.  Please keep the papers at home to practice doing the activities with the words. 

I, see, a, like, go, to (week of the 7th words)


 Please let me know if you have any questions.   I want everyone to be happy and excited about kindergarten.



Mrs. Watson


Email address:  tracy_watson@abss.k12.nc.us