10-28-19 Parent Note

Dear Parents,

Please review all the items listed with your child.

 Reminders and Dates:

  • October 29th no school teacher workday
  • November 5th is a teacher workday
  • November 11th is a holiday no school
  • November 27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday Break no school
  • November 8th is awards day. At our conference time I will send home a white half sheet to let you know if your child will receive an award at 815 in the gym or get to watch a movie at 1:00 on November 1st.  We used to do awesome eagle awards for good behavior------ but we are doing a special movie and popcorn instead.


Monday: Technology

Tuesday: no specials

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art and Music

Friday: Media

 What we are learning:

-our names and to write them using a capital for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest-Please learn all the letters in your name.

 -Writing:  draw a picture and writing a sentence using I see a ______.  I like ______.  I like to _______. What did you like about the field trip?

 -Rhyme:  say a word and they make a rhyme for the word

-Syllables:  clap, stomp, or chomp words to hear the syllables in them

Youtube: Jack Hartman syllable song---very fun!!

 -Reading:  We have been reading books about Trapdoor Spiders and Bats.  We are learning about the main topic and the key details about the topic.

 -Science: maps (class, school, community)

 --Letters and sounds:  We have started learning the letters b, f, t, m, n, i, u, c, o, a, g. We use a letter, keyword and sound.

So practice b bat /b/, f fun /f/, t top /t/, m man /m/, n nut /n/, I itch /i/, u up /u/, c cat /c/, o octopus /o/, a apple /a/, g game /g/.  Please review these daily.

 --Words: We are starting words of the week this week.  We have 100 to learn this year.  I need your help with this task.  Please go over the words as much as possible at home.  I have sent home a bag with the word cards.  Please keep the papers at home to practice doing the activities with the words.  There is a ring included.  Please hole punch them and keep them on the ring.

I, see, a, like, go, to, in, up, can, the, is, we, with, play, at


Thanks your help at home really does show!

Mrs. Watson