2-10-20 Parent Note

Dear Parents,

Please review all the items listed with your child.

 Reminders and Dates:

  • Please log onto clever portal under students on the AWE web page and practice the blue robot and orange man.
  • Nightly homework: Read to your child, review all sight words and letters (sounds too), review numbers 1-20, count to 100, count by 10’s to 100, review things we are learning at school in this news letter please
  • February 14th Valentine’s Day see note at the bottom of this page
  • February 18th is class picture day
  • February 24th progress reports come home
  • We need tissues, paper towels, and small items for the prize box.  Thanks so much!


 What we are learning:

 -Writing:  informational sentences about penguins using a tree map

 Youtube: Jack Hartman beginning sound song---very fun!!

Sound out and tap out 3 letter words (pet, bug, vet, hop etc.)


 -Reading: We have been reading The Snowy Day and using our senses to understand unknown and known words while reading.

 -Science :  5 Senses

 --Letters and sounds:  We have started learned all 26 lower case and upper case letters.  Please review at home. We are tapping out 3 letter words on our arms.  Try sit, sad, sip on your arm.

If you are unsure on the letter sound, youtube the letter sound song to help with the correct sound of each letter.

 --Words: We have 100 to learn this year.  I need your help with this task.  Please go over the words as much as possible at home.  I have sent home a bag with the word cards.  Please keep the papers at home to practice doing the activities with the words. 

I, see, a, like, go, to, in, up, can, the, is, we, with, play, at, get, you, have, look, my, here, me, come, he, it, was, and, are, for, into, of, little, has, will, as, do, one, his, be, by, or, because


Valentine’s Day!!!

We will hand out valentines but no party.  We will read books about Valentine’s Day and have fun that day.

If you would like to create a box or bag for your child to collect valentines in that would be fun! I have zip lock bags if they do not create anything from home.

Do not worry about writing names on the TO: part!  Leave it blank please.  Only have your child write their name on the FROM: part.

We have 7 girls and 13 boys.  20 total kids

Teachers: Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Corbett


Thanks for your help!

Mrs. Watson