Pre-approved topics for Person/Event Papers

For the extensive research-based Person-Event Papers, students are free to choose almost any topic from the specific time-period.  The topic selection is usually only limited by available research materials.  While our library is fairly well-equipped, students should also feel free to use the downtown May Memorial Library and the Elon University Library as well.  This PDF-file lists pre-approved topics that students can choose...based on available resources available ONLY in the Western Alamance High School Library.  No more than ONE student will be researching a specific topic at any one time in order to prevent unnecessary competition for resources.  Students are ENCOURAGED to use any other available resource -- although it is suggested that they consult with Mr. Byers in the event of any possible questions or for clarification.

CP Pre-approved topic list.pdf, 116.57 KB; (Last Modified on September 8, 2015)