"A Girl Named Disaster"

Posted by Heather Bowes on 9/30/2014

WELCOME to your pre-reading research!  Through this process you will find out more about the author, the setting, and elements of our 'coming of age' theme.
Use the links to help you collect information.  You will become an expert and share your findings with your classmates.  Your final presentation will take place on Friday.  It should be between 2 and 3 minutes in length with a minimum of twelve facts.  You may choose a digital presentation (prezi, powerpoint, etc.) or a non-digital (poster, foldable, etc).  Each group member should have a turn speaking.  
Author group:
Girls Coming of Age:
Boys Coming of Age:
Mozambique: (information also in your novel starting on pg. 299)
Zimbabwe: (information also in your novel starting on pg. 299)