4/28/14 Student of Month ‘an excellent role model’

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Student of Month ‘an excellent role model’
By Kaitlin Gillespie, Times-News correspondent The Times-News 4/28/14  
Reprinted with permission.


   It is not often that a 15-year-old student exemplifies determination, maturity and humbleness to such an extent that he stands out among his peers. Amari Lee manages to personify all these traits and more and is one of the most deserving candidates for Student of the Month.

   As a freshman at Graham High School, Amari admitted to being nervous about the transition, but that did not deter him from being the role model others see him to be. When on the school bus, Amari confessed that he noticed “a lot of the older kids scaring the younger kids,” and he felt responsible for easing their fears. When he’s not encouraging growth in younger children, Amari said he enjoys being active in Beta Club, where he is able to volunteer within the community, and promote various charity organizations.

   He has spent much of his life with his loving grandparents, Dwayne and Gloria Crawley, who knew Amari held great potential within, and they “pushed hard for (him) to do well in school.” Though his school always comes first, Amari also manages to fi t in baseball, track and football into his busy schedule.

   Doris Lloyd, who nominated Amari for April’s Student of the Month, was more than happy to sing the humble young man’s praises. When asked what was the best thing about Amari’s personality in her eyes, she seemed dumbfounded and finally laughed and said there could be no one outstanding quality as he is just “an all-around good person.” Amari is active in Christian Tabernacle Church, where he serves on the Junior Usher Board, junior choir, speaks to the youth groups, and is the go-to man of all the churches theatrical productions. Lloyd is held largely responsible for aiding Amari is his theatrical endeavors and truly helped him break out of any shyness that was once there.

   With sports, school, church and all the activities in between, Amari Lee manages to make a strong impression to anyone he meets, and there is not limit to the lives he will touch. He one day hopes to go into the biomedical field, and there is no doubt that he will do great things in whatever path he chooses.

   Kaitlin Gillespie is a senior at Western Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.