1/30/12 Student of Month happy to volunteer time, talents

Student of Month happy to volunteer time, talents
By Sam Diezel Times-News correspondent, The Times-News 1/30/12     
Reprinted with permission.


  “I hoped that I would find a student who truly went above and beyond what was expected. I have found her,” said Faye Boswell, president of the Hospice League of Alamance-Caswell.

 Charmaine Livingston is a senior at Graham High School and is a volunteer at the Hospice Flea Market as well as her church. Boswell said she nominated Charmaine for January’s Student of the Month because she would “devote her spare time to those in need, and while willing to do detailed tasks, will also do the most menial task without complaint.”

 Last December, Livingston accompanied a group from Graham High School to do some volunteer work at the Hospice Flea Market in Burlington.

 According to Boswell, this particular group assembled nearly 700 Christmas trees with strings of lights, all of which sold, and Livingston asked to come back to volunteer after school. She led efforts for the “We Support Hospice” float in the Burlington and Graham Christmas parades to advertise the flea market, where she has invested much of her volunteer work. When the parades ended, she, her school group, and her school advisers, Julie Payne and David Bouldin, sold the float decorations and donated the proceeds to Hospice.

 In addition to her work with the Hospice ministry, Livingston also helps others at her school and her church. She is an honor roll senior and a two-year member of the Graham High School Employability Team and is also a senior tutor for freshmen. She also served as hostess for a lunch for the school custodians. At the Faith and Hope Church, she serves as an usher and spends time working with young kids in children’s church. When she’s not volunteering, she enjoys going to the movies with her friends or skateboarding. She is the daughter of Charlene Addi of Graham.

 “Most kids use their free time playing computer games,” Boswell said. “But I found it heartwarming that she would apply her time to help those less fortunate than herself.”

 Although she hasn’t known her for long, she notes that Livingston is a very benevolent and polite person, who is always smiling. She has worked with Livingston since last fall but is impressed with her dedication and motivation for volunteering. Boswell said that this “friendly young lady is truly an asset to our Hospice League, and a star-quality example of what a student can accomplish when they let their hearts motivate their hands.”