11/28/11 Student of Month encourages others to ‘be involved’

Student of Month encourages others to ‘be involved’
By Sabrina Otero Times-News correspondent The Times-News 11/28/11     
Reprinted with permission.


    Justin Luck, a senior at Graham High School, was selected as November’s Student of the Month for his sheer determination and commitment to personal excellence. Justin’s mother, Christa, nominated him for the honor.

   Justin took a few moments out of his busy schedule to talk to Teens & Twenties about being selected as Student of the Month and his goals for the future.

   TEENS & TWENTIES: What qualities do you possess that inspired your selection as Student of the Month?

   LUCK: I am a great leader. I work hard, and I am very outgoing.

   TEENS & TWENTIES: What are some of your recent achievements?

   LUCK: (I was recognized) as an all conference football player and Air Force player of the week.

   TEENS & TWENTIES: In what ways, are you an example for others?

   LUCK: I am a person who leads by example, and I will ‘man up’ when I know I am wrong.

   TEENS & TWENTIES: Provide a quote by parents that best describes you:

   LUCK: World’s greatest son.

   TEENS & TWENTIES: What are some goals that you have?

   LUCK: I plan on graduating from high school and attending a four-year university. I am also going to learn Spanish.

   TEENS & TWENTIES: Where do see yourself five years from now?

   LUCK: I see myself with a diploma, job and a house of my own.

   TEENS & TWENTIES: What advice would you give to other teens seeking to make a difference?

   LUCK: Be involved. Be active. Don’t procrastinate. Be the best you can be and never accept failure. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ ’”

   Sabrina Otero is a freshman at Western Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.