10/30/11 Graham students attend regional theater arts conference

Graham students attend regional theater arts conference
The Times-News 10/30/11     
Reprinted with permission.

   FIVE GRAHAM HIGH SCHOOL students traveled to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in October to work with professionals at a regional theater arts conference. In addition to meeting theater students from across the state, the Graham High performers received professional training in theater dance and movement, scenery, improvisation, stage combat, dialects and audition.

   Michael Shannon, Graham’s Theatre Arts instructor, said “students took part in advanced discussion with the directors and production managers. Both professionals were very impressed with our students.”

   Morgan Bowling, Paola Perez-Lopez,JosePalacios-Lagos, Kylene McCoy, and Luis Marin were the current Graham High students in attendance. The theatrical production performed for the conference attendees featured former Graham High students Maiya Reeves and Kenny Ward. In addition, Graham High graduates Zane Doty and Angel Taylor were involved in the construction and execution of the scenic elements.