10/31/11 Student of Month is well-rounded, talented

Student of Month is well-rounded, talented
By Jennafer Fowler, Times-News correspondent The Times-News 10/31/11     
Reprinted with permission.


  October’s Student of the Month is a well-rounded and talented individual. William Richardson Jr., a sophomore at Cummings High School, is a good student and athlete.

   Richardson is on the varsity basketball and football teams. He has been playing these two sports since he was 6 years old. He is also on the track team, which he has been doing for a year.

   He is also a DREAM team mentor and a straight-A student. Richardson enjoys fishing, swimming, sports and art. He loves people, especially younger children and the elderly. When asked why she nominated her son, Elena Richardson said, “He’s a good child, he gets straight A’s in school, he has great goals in life and I believe he will achieve them.”

   After high school, he wants to major in engineering.

   It’s obvious that October’s Student of the Month has made his brothers, Justin Tarpley and Johnathan Bennett, his father, William Richardson Sr., and his mother very proud.

   Jennafer Fowler is a senior at Alamance Christian School and a Teens & Twenties writer.