8/24/11 Two Alamance schools receive new principals

Two Alamance schools receive new principals
By Mike Wilder The Times-News 8/24/11     
Reprinted with permission.  

Two schools in the Alamance-Burlington system have new principals.

 The Alamance-Burlington Board of Education voted Monday night to appoint Bonnie Roane as principal of the Alamance-Burlington Middle College and Christian Hairston as principal of Andrews Elementary School.
 Both were recommended by Superintendent Lillie Cox. The board discussed her choices during a closed session that was part of the meeting before approving Roane and Hairston for their new jobs.
 Roane has been an assistant principal at Cummings High School since 2003 and has worked in local schools since 1985. She previously worked as lead writing teacher for the system’s high schools and taught English at Williams High School. She also taught English at the John F. Kennedy School at what was then West Berlin in a divided Germany.
 The Alamance-Burlington Middle College is a non-traditional high school that operates at Alamance Community College. The principal’s position became vacant when Charlotte Holmes became principal at Graham High School.
 Hairston has worked in the Orange County Schools since 2003. She served this year as interim principal at Central Elementary School after working there as assistant principal and as an assistant principal intern.
 She has also worked at the elementary school level as a kindergarten teacher and in helping students improve their academic skills for the state’s end-of-grade tests.
 She replaces Martha Caulder, who left the principal’s job at Andrews for a position in Guilford County.
 The board also approved the appointments of four assistant principals:
 Julia Johns, who will work at Cummings High School. She’s been an assistant principal intern and an English-as-a-second-language teacher there. She has also taught English to students for whom it is not their first language at schools in Florida and New York.
 Brie Butler, who will work at Graham Middle School. Butler has been part of the Alamance-Burlington system since 2000 as a teacher, after school program coordinator, curriculum facilitator, literacy coach and assistant principal intern. She has worked at Broadview Middle School, Sellars-Gunn Education Center and as part of a curriculum support team for the system’s middle schools.
 Tiffany Cheshire, who will work at North Graham Elementary School. She’s been an assistant principal intern and substitute teacher in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and taught elementary school Spanish in the Orange County Schools.
 Kristen Harrington, who will work at Smith Elementary School. She’s been assistant principal at Central Elementary School in Rockingham County and an assistant principal intern at Williams High School. She taught at Hawfields and Turrentine middle schools.