AIG Referral Process

AIG Parent Referrals
Referrals are due in writing (email or paper copy) to Mrs. Wroblewski by Tuesday, November 26, 2019.
Please email with the subject title:  AIG Referral:  Student Name.
You may also send in a written referral addressed to Mrs. Wroblewski by November 26th.


Students in grades K-12 may be referred for evaluation for the AIG program by a teacher, parent/guardian or a school administrator. Parent referrals must be made in writing (or emailed) to the principal of the child's school. The deadline for referrals is the last day school is in session before the Thanksgiving Holidays. A letter is sent home to parents (K-8) in the fall, usually with the first report card, that further explains the referral process. Click here for a copy of the referral letter that is sent. A referral ensures that a child will be screened for an AIG evaluation but is not a guarantee that testing will be administered. The AIG Committee at each school will consider academic indicators, in addition to the social, emotional, and developmental needs of the student and will determine if the student requires further assessment.