Registration Information

Registration Information 

NEW STUDENTS TO HIGHLAND:  Register for Kindergarten

NEW STUDENTS TO HIGHLAND (or students who did not finish the 2020-2021 school year at Highland):  Register for Grades 1-5 


  • All returning students must have updated enrollment information before being placed on a class roster.
  • To update your information, log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Scroll down to "Forms" on the left.  Update all links in the new window that appears.  
  • If you have trouble logging in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, email Kelly Brooks at or call the school and ask for Mrs. Wroblewski. 


  • All communication throughout the school year will be received at the email address used to complete the initial online registration.
  • Parents have the ability to change student enrollment information through the Parent Portal.
  • If you have had a change in address or we have received returned mail from the address that is on file, updated proofs of residence will be required prior to school starting.

If you have any issues, please email Kelly Brooks directly at



All returning students (as well as new students) must be registered online this summer before school starts!  Please check your email for information regarding this process.  It may be in your spam folder, so please check there as well.  If you have any issues, please email Kelly Brooks directly at  All communication will be received at the email address used to complete the online registration.  


At this time, we are waiting on district protocols to determine what Open House will look like this year.  If we are able to have Open House, there will be arranged times for families to come in order to limit the number of people on campus.  Please check our website frequently for updates.  


On Friday, August 13th (after 6pm), Highland will send out connect ed phone calls to all parents of students in grades 1-5 letting you know who your child's teacher is!  Please note that the number you have entered in your updated online enrollment is the number that will be used.  If you need to make that change, please do so as soon as possible.  


If you have not registered online or updated your enrollment information, you will not receive confirmation as to your child’s teacher.  


If you happen to check your child’s PowerSchool account throughout the summer, please note that any assigned teachers listed in PowerSchool may change before August 13th.  As a reminder, we are not able to take teacher requests, requests for a change in teacher, nor are we able to place students based on friendships.  


A special note for Kindergarteners.  Kindergarteners participate in what is called staggered entry.  Half of the class attends school August 23, but does not come August 24.

The other half of the class does not come August 23, but does attend school August 24.

All kindergarteners come August 25.

You will receive a special postcard in the mail letting you know who your child’s teacher is as well as which day your child will come for their first day of school!


We are excited to welcome all of our Highland Hawks back to school in August!

See you soon!