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Highland Car Rider Procedures & Tags

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Car Rider Tags

Car Rider Tag Registration Form 

  • As an important safety measure, we require all cars to have a Highland-issued Car Rider Tag (with a unique tag number) for any students who will be picked up via our car rider line.  (Handwritten or outdated tags are not permissible.)
  • For the safety of all Highland students, if you arrive for pickup without a Highland-issued Car Rider Tag, you will need to come in to the front office and wait until the end of car dismissal (approximately 3:00) to sign your child out.  ID will be required and person picking up must be listed in PowerSchool as a contact.  Thank you for your patience as this will ensure all students get home safely and securely.  (If you need to update your contacts, please log into the PS Parent Portal to make adjustments.)
  • Each family will be issued two Car Rider Tags.  If more are needed, they can be purchased for a nominal fee of $2 at our front office.  ID will be required in order to purchase additional Car Rider Tags.    
  • Car Rider Tags will be issued at Open House, on the first day of school, or upon registering your child at Highland during the school year.
  • If you have a tag from the previous school year and it has a unique car tag number, you may keep it and use it for this year. 
  • If you need to update your tag with an additional child, please fill out the registration form linked above. 

Morning Car Rider Drop Off Procedures

  • Starting the second week of school, parents will no longer be permitted to walk their child to their classroom in the morning.  Parents may walk their child into the building and say goodbye in the atrium.  **Current COVID 19 guidelines do not allow parents to walk into the building or down our sidewalks due to social-distancing.**
  • Always use crosswalks when walking students into the building. 
  • For safety, students should enter from the right side of the vehicle only.

Afternoon Car Rider Pick Up Procedures

  • Parents may NOT walk up during dismissal to pick up their child. Between 2:20 and 3:00, pick up must be done through the car circle line. 
  • Students will meet their cars at a colored cone where a staff member will help them into their vehicle.
  • For safety, students should enter from the right side of the vehicle only.
  • To keep our car circle moving smoothly, if you need more time to settle your child into your car after you pick them up, you may pull into the parking lot to rearrange or buckle up.
  • If your child is not at a colored cone and you have to wait for them, a staff member will motion for you to pull forward to the flagpole while you wait for your child to come to your car.

Overhead Map

Highland Walker Procedures & Tags

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  • Walkers should follow the sidewalk that is designated with the Walkers sign at the top of the grassy hill on Bonnar Bridge Pkwy.  This sidewalk is protected by a fence along the car rider line. 
  • In the morning, parents may walk with their child up to the crosswalk.
  • In the afternoon, parents may walk to the gym doors (near the neon green theme rock), present the yellow walker tag, and pick up their child.  For afternoon dismissal, it is the parents responsibility to communicate with the teacher before 2pm that their child will be a walker.
  • If you need a yellow walker tag, please contact Mrs. Wroblewski directly at
  • While on campus all persons should wear a mask and socially distance from non-family members.  
  • For safety reasons, we do not allow bikes, scooters, or skateboards on our campus during school hours (7:15am-6:00pm).