7/10/15 The Demand For Supplies

The Demand For Supplies
The Annual Classroom Collection Campaign Helps Nearly 3,000 Alamance County Families Get Their Children Ready For The School Year.
By Madison Lee, The Times-News 7/10/15  
Reprinted with permission.      

Alamance County YMCA
Alamance County Public Libraries
The Times-News
The Alamance County
Area Chamber of Commerce
Office Depot of Burlington
Chick-fil-A at Huffman Mill and University Commons (receive a coupon for a free Frosted Lemonade with a donation worth $5 or more, see store for details)
Children’s Museum of Alamance County
Alamance-Burlington School System Administrative Office



Book bags*
Pencil Boxes
Erasers (pink wedge and pencil top)
Colored Pencils
Blunt Scissors
Glue Sticks
Marble Notebooks*
Notebook Paper
Tab Dividers*
Sheet Protectors
Pocket Folders without metal tabs
Pencil Pouches that fit into notebooks
Three-Ring Binders (1-3 inch)*
Index Cards (lined, 3x5 and 4x6 inch)
Flash Drives (4GB+)*
Ear Buds (for computer labs)
Calculators Texas Instruments Scientific Calculators

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the classroom collection, call 336-228-1338.

 Another the school year is a little more than a month away, less than that when year-round schools are factored in. It’s time to start thinking about supplies, which can get expensive. Some families may need help obtaining critical items like book bags, three-ring binders or even calculators.

 The good news? Help is available.

 The 14th annual Classroom Collection Campaign for Alamance County begins today. The drive, organized by the Alamance County Area Chamber of Commerce, collects school supplies for local families who may not be able to afford their own. It ends Aug. 10 with drop boxes at eight locations in Alamance County. Cash donations will also be accepted through the Chamber of Commerce.

 At the end of the drive, the chamber will pick up the supplies and take them to a centrally located warehouse with Alamance-Burlington School System, where school social workers will be able to get the supplies they need for children.

 It’s a large undertaking, probably greater than most realize.

 Barbara Massey, vice president of Workforce and Leadership Development for the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce, said school social workers were able to assist approximately 3,000 families with school supplies as a result of the drive last year, collecting more than 40,000 items.

 “We’re pleased that we’re able to support the social workers in this way,” she said, because, “they know the families with the need.”

 Massey said the chamber has always been heavily involved with education.

 “We know that if children have needs, teachers will typically reach into their pocket,” she said.

 Massey said the chamber feels the drive is not only about helping teachers, but helping the kids.

 “For us, it’s about the impact we make in the community,” she said.

 Melinda Willingham, interim lead social worker for ABSS, said a little more than 10 percent of students are coming into the system in need of supplies. However, some may not realize how prevalent the need for school supplies can be. “Often times, you have families with multiple children, with multiple supply lists,” she said.

 Willingham said having school supplies makes an impact on children’s success in school. “The difference it makes in their attitude and in their confidence” is the biggest impact made when it comes to feeling equal to the other kids in the class, she said.

 Willingham said the social work department appreciates the support it has received over the years, not only from the drive, but from other groups who have stepped up to the needs of the schools.