7/12/15 ABSS approves last budget amendment

ABSS approves last budget amendment
The Times-News 7/12/15  
Reprinted with permission.

 The Alamance-Burlington Board of Education approved the last budget amendment of the 2014-15 school year at the end of the fiscal year.

 “This resolution represents exactly where we are right now and how we spent the money,” said Sandra Tinsley, the outgoing interim executive director of finance. “So when the auditor comes he will have this resolution to go by to make sure we have spent our money exactly the way we had intended and had gotten approved.”

 There are a lot of revisions, Tinsley said, but none of them was major.

 The Alamance-Burlington School system amended the budget for state funds for an additional $351,525, for a total of $122 million.

 The largest revisions in state funding were an additional $558,323 under “regular curricular services” for a total of $78 million, an additional $433,922 under “school-based support services” for a total of $9 million. The amendment budgeted $665,165 less under “school population services” for a total of $16.7 million.

 Under local funds the district added $66,713 for a total of $36 million. Tinsley said it was a correction to an error in an earlier budget resolution and did not have to come out of the ABSS fund balance.

 “It was just there as an error and it wasn’t caught,” Tinsley said.

 There were amendments to the federal grants budget that balanced out to a difference of $1 in the $18 million amended budget.

 The capital outlay fund was amended for an additional $842,715 to total $5 million. It included $1.4 million mostly spent to lease school buses from the state, Tinsley said.