2/20/16 ABSS reviews budget for current school year

ABSS reviews budget for current school year
By Isaac Groves, The Times-News 2/20/16    
Reprinted with permission.      

   The Alamance-Burlington School System started its 2016-17 budget process by going over the current 2015-16 budget, which is a little more than half way through.

   Shannon Dennison, ABSS executive director of finance, brought the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education a detailed breakdown of the district’s spending at its February work session.

   State funds, about $125 million, make up 67 percent of the $187 million budget. Local government contributes $46 million, or 24 percent, and the federal government puts up about $16 million, 9 percent, of the 2015-16 ABSS budget.

   The biggest piece of the budget, 62 percent, is $116 million in salaries.

   Of those, nearly $66 million are spent on pay for the district’s 1,555 teachers, which comes to 35 percent of the total salaries, or about $42,000 per teacher.

   The biggest share of that teacher pay, $57 million, comes from the state. The federal share is the second-largest at more than $5 million, and the local share comes to more than $2 million.

   Administrative pay, which includes the superintendent, central-office personnel, principals and assistant principals, came to $6.9 million of 4 percent of total salaries.

   At nearly $39 million, employer-provided benefits were the second-largest part of the budget at 21 percent.

   The district purchased $16 million in services from outside vendors, or 21 percent of the total, and spent nearly $13 million on supplies and materials or 7 percent of the total.

   Capital revenues came to $3.3 million, of which Alamance County contributed 97 percent of nearly $3.2 million. The state contributed $112,690 in lottery funds or 3 percent of capital revenues.

   Board chair Steve Van Pelt said Dennison would come back in March to continue the 2016-17 budget process.