3/25/16 ABSS awards painting contracts

ABSS awards painting contracts
By Isaac Groves, The Times-News 3/25/16    
Reprinted with permission.      

   Five schools in the Alamance-Burlington School System will get fresh paint this summer paid for with $739,329 in lottery funds.

   At nearly $145,000, Woodlawn Middle School will be the most expensive paint job this summer.

   Latex paint was applied on top of oil paint over the years, and it will take a lot preparation work to fix that, said Jimmy Russell, assistant maintenance director for new projects.

   The school system has been trying to get a maintenance schedule and work through a backlog of projects left over from the Great Recession. Last summer, the district spent more than $690,000 to paint another five schools, and $430,000 for work including asbestos removal at Williams High School.

   Some of those painting projects ran over, and there have been contractors working weekends at some schools through the school year.

   Contractors felt confident they could get the work done over summer break this year, Assistant Superintendent Todd Thorpe said, since the district is getting the process started sooner.

   Last year’s contracts were signed around the end of the school year.

   “We are ahead of the game, Thorpe said.

   Alamance-Burlington Board of Education member Pam Thompson asked Thorpe at the board’s March work session whether the district could put financial penalties on contractors finishing their work late.

   Thorpe said that would mean writing new contracts, which is time consuming and involves background checks and vetting qualifications, but the district could do so next year if there was a problem this year.

   Board member Tony Rose asked whether the contracts could require painters to leave school property at the end of the work day, indicating some were camping out on school property last summer.

   The board did not resolve how to include the provision. Rose withdrew his proposal and cast the lone vote against the contracts. Thorpe said he would have the contractors submit work schedules and that nothing would happen outside those schedules.

Summer plans

Grove Park Elementary: $81,175, Five Star Construction Co.
Southern Alamance High: $172,000, Salgado Painting Co.
Western Alamance Middle: $91,000, J & S Paint and Pressure Wash
Western Alamance High: $137,142, High Point Paint Services
Woodlawn Middle: $144,732, Lackey Paint Inc. Paint: $113,280
Total: $739,329