6/17/16 A prom match made in a hospital ward

Allison Wolfe and Logan Andrews made national news with their prom reunion.


Allison Wolfe and Logan Andrews made national news with their prom reunion.

A prom match made in a hospital ward
By Tyler Patchen The Times-News 6/17/16  
Reprinted with permission.  

   Prom night is something that can hold many emotions for high school students, but it can also hold a bit more.

   This is exactly what happened to Logan Andrews and his prom date Allison Wolfe this year.

   Both describe the prom as the most magical night of their lives — a time made even more special because it’s possible both might not have lived to see it.

   Andrews and Wolfe were born in 1999 — Andrews in Concord, N.C., and Wolfe in Massachusetts near Cape Cod. Each was born with a serious heart condition. Wolfe had a complex heart abnormality called Tetralogy of Fallot which she needed surgery on at one month old; Andrews had hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Both children were admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital.

   After several surgeries, both were able to live relatively healthy and normal lives. Their mothers bonded over this experience and remained good friends over the years. Wolfe and Andrews also kept in touch over phone and email over the years, but their visits were few and far between.

   “The fact that 17 years later they are normal kids is quite remarkable,” said Logan’s mom, Elizabeth Standapher.

   Andrews, who now lives in Burlington and attends Williams High School as a rising senior, decided for his junior prom that he would invite Wolfe, whom at that point he had not seen in 10 years. Andrews sent a custom-made Build a Bear with a recording asking her to prom. She said yes.

   Wolfe and her family, who still live in Massachusetts, drove more than 19 hours to attend the prom. While she was here she got to see some of North Carolina and overall had a very enjoyable time.

   The story of their prom and their extraordinary circumstances and friendship has made national and international headlines. Publications like the New York Post and the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom have written about their prom night.

   “It was really shocking, but very heartwarming,” said Standapher.

   “I didn’t do it for the publicity — I thought it would be a fun experience for both of us,” said Andrews.

   Overall, prom night was a very special moment for both of them, as they had fun with friends and Wolfe managed to experience a bit of North Carolina.

   “It shows how people with conditions they still are able to make themselves happy,” Andrews said. As for now, Andrews and Wolfe are still very good friends and hope to keep in contact for the future.