Car Circle Procedures

 arrival dismissal

Car Circle Drop Off (AM) & Pick Up (PM) Procedures

*New Changes for 2019-2020 School Year*

At Highland, student safety is a top priority!  The guidelines we have established for morning drop off and afternoon pickup are to ensure maximum safety for ALL students.  Please help us by complying with all procedures and requests given by staff members. 


Major Update:  Due to the new traffic pattern, all vehicles exiting our campus must turn right as there is now a right turn only lane to exit.  No left turns can be made as there is only one lane to exit the campus. 

General Guidelines:

  • Please refrain from cell phone use during car circle. 
  • Look carefully before changing lanes to help prevent accidents.

Daycare Morning Drop Off:

  • Starting this year, all morning daycare cars will need to park in the parking lot and walk their child safely into the building. (The two lanes in our car circle will be double-stacked to allow more cars onto our campus.)

 Morning Drop Off:

  • Due to the new traffic pattern, cars that will utilize the parking lot will use the far left entering lane and turn LEFT at the orange barrel.  (See yellow arrows in diagram below.)
  • Starting the second week of school, parents will no longer be permitted to walk their child to their classroom in the morning.  Parents may walk their child into the building and say goodbye in the atrium.
  • Always use crosswalks when walking students into the building. 

 Afternoon Pick Up: 

  • Please use the right two entering lanes (see white arrows in diagram below) to double stack cars all the way to Bonnar Bridge.  
  • Please keep the far left entering lane (see yellow arrows in diagram below) free-flowing.  
  • Use the far left entering lane for emergency vehicles, parking, buses, and daycare vans.
  • Parents may NOT walk up during dismissal to pick up their child. Between 2:20 and 3:00, pick up must be done through the car circle line. 
  • Students will meet their cars at a colored cone where a staff member will help them into their vehicle.
  • For safety, students must enter from the right side of the vehicle only.
  • To keep our car circle moving smoothly, if you need more time to settle your child into your car, after you pick them up you may pull into the parking lot to rearrange.
  • If your child is not at a colored cone and you have to wait for them, a staff member will motion for you to pull forward to the flagpole while you wait for your child to come to your car.
  • We require ALL cars to have a Highland-issued Car Rider Tag for any students who will be picked up via our car rider line.  Any cars who do not have a Highland-issued Car Rider Tag will be directed to park and walk into our front office for release of students.  
  • Parents coming into the front office will have to wait until 3pm when our staff is finished with afterschool duties in order to pick up their children. 

Car Circle