Upcoming Dates

h Upcoming Dates for 2018-2019 School Year 

Snow Make-up Days Schedule

September 14          Forgiven

October 11               February 15

(previously scheduled as a teacher workday)

October 12               Using banked hours*

December 10           January 3 

(previously scheduled as winter break)

December 11           January 4 

(previously scheduled as winter break)

December 12           Using banked hours*

December 13           December 21 

(previously scheduled as winter break)


*The original ABSS 2018-19 academic calendar exceeds the state requirement of 1,025 hours by 55 hours based upon the instructional time calculated that does not include lunch, class changes, or recess.

Implementation of the above make-up plan using banked instructional hours will result in the academic calendar having 1,067 hours, 37 hours in excess of the calendar requirement. 

December 24 - January 2
Winter Break - no school