Solving Multi-step Real-world Mathematical Problems…

Posted by William Benson on 3/29/2019

using algebraic expressions – what better way to end the week?! I had the privilege of helping out in Ms. Erika Dye’s math class at Turrentine Middle School this morning along with Ms. Strong and Elon student teacher, Mr. Huneycutt. After a warm-up problem, students were paired into teams to tackle problems posted on the wall around the room. Each member of the team was responsible for solving every other step of the problem with coaching provided by the other team member. I started out with Anthony and Braxton as they tackled the following:


Lee learns that 6% of the freshman class are in the band, 12% are in the chorus, and 14% are in sports. If no freshman is participating in two activities, what is the fraction for the total percent of the class in band, chorus, and sports?


Student teams moved around the room solving the posted problems while we provided assistance where needed. Ms. Dye and Mr. Huneycutt noticed that students were incorrectly solving two of the problems with similar errors, and decided that we needed to work through the two problems as a class before the end of the period – Ms. Dye worked through one and I did the other. I was a great lesson and a great strategy to uncover what every student was thinking!  We are fortunate to have outstanding teachers like Ms. Dye and Ms. Strong, as well as the opportunity to partner with Elon and support the development of future teachers!