Gallery Walk at Graham Middle School

Posted by William Benson on 5/13/2019

I had the pleasure of previewing the art show at Graham Middle School last Friday afternoon at the invitation of Ms. Shelby Kremer. As an advocate for the visual arts, Ms. Kremer strongly believes that visual art teaches us to be inquisitive and observant through self-expression and reflection – a belief that was clearly evident in the work of her students. Upon arrival, Ms. Kremer introduced me to Paula Dominguez who served as my docent for a gallery walk. Paula did a great job sharing the work behind numerous pieces of art, including her own self portrait. During the tour, I had my eye out for my favorite piece to receive the Superintendent’s Award as requested by Ms. Kremer. I selected a piece by Sydney Smith. While made entirely of paper, it effectively presented as a mosaic of broken tile. Well done, Sydney (and thank you to Ms. Kremer for inviting me)!!




Dr. Benson and students at art show