Week 6: Remote Learning for the Remainder

Posted by William Benson on 4/24/2020

This afternoon Governor Cooper announced that all North Carolina public school districts will not reopen for students this school year. This is disappointing news for all of us, but expected given the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus in our state.  I want you to know that our ABSS team has been preparing for this probable outcome since March.


Our educators and schools will continue to support our students and families just as they always do.  Our care and concern won’t stop. I am so proud of how our entire team has met the challenges presented by this public health situation and how our school communities continue to develop new ways to support our students.  If there is one good thing that may have come out of this highly unusual situation, it is that how much our schools love and care for their students is now more visible than ever to our community supporters.  I believe this situation has drawn us all closer together.


There are still a lot of questions to answer and plenty of issues to resolve before our unusual school year ends, but ABSS is committed to completing our educational plans for students. While our buildings may be closed, our work together will continue. We are taking the long-range view. Our students are counting on us to ensure that they stay on track as much as possible to be ready for next school year and beyond, or, for our Class of 2020, that our graduates are fully prepared for their chosen post high school experience and beyond.


School districts will continue to receive guidance from the state about ending this year and beginning the next. We will keep you posted on all new developments. For now, please know that we will remain focused on finishing our education plan during the final weeks of school. Yes, many things will be different but we will continue to work together and we will be successful together.


I am so appreciative and proud to be part of ABSS and our community.