Thumbs Up to Señora Oballe, Señora Perez, and Ms. Fricke at E.M. Yoder Elementary School

Posted by William Benson on 9/1/2020

I received an email from a parent of students at E.M. Yoder Elementary School this morning. I am sharing, with permission:


I have to say, we are LOVING what Señora Oballe is doing with the kindergarteners. She keeps them engaged and active. Her mix of instruction to activity is perfect. [My child] loves it! I especially love when she teaches vocabulary by sending kids on scavenger hunt in their house. "Algo rojo from the cocina."


 [My child] seems to be really enjoying it. Especially the math facts Kahoots. Yesterday she said she loves multiplying, so whatever Señora Perez did with an egg carton, it was a hit.


And [the] specials teachers are just wonderful. They have been really creative and both of my children really look forward to their classes. Ms. Fricke had them make a skeeball game with containers and sock balls. So fun!


[E.M. Yoder] staff is doing a great job, and I really appreciate it.


I realize we have work to do to ensure all students are having these types of positive learning experiences at home. Teaching this way is new to most of us. We are learning.