National Arts in Education Week

Posted by William Benson on 9/16/2020

National Arts in Education Week is this week, September 13-19! Without question, the arts are an essential part of a complete education. I have shared with many of you the impact my high school guitar teacher (Mr. Knowles) had on me and how playing guitar has enriched my life and continues to do so (I will be playing at my youngest daughter’s wedding in November.). However, I also enjoy drawing and painting (Thanks to Mr. Maben, my 8th grade art teacher!). My point being that while I did not chose the arts as a career path, I cannot imagine, and probably could not appreciate fully, life without the arts. My hope is that all ABSS students have the opportunity to experience the arts in ways that forever positively impact their lives. Thank you to all ABBS teachers of the arts!




P.S. I took a class in scientific illustration a few years back. Here is a pencil drawing I did of a loblolly pine found in central and eastern NC.


Pencil drawing of loblolly pine