Posted by William Benson on 11/9/2020

We are at a crossroads. Recent events in our country, state, and community continue to demonstrate a divide. Thrust into the national spotlight, Alamance County is not immune. This is our community. As educators, we have the honor of serving the children and families of Alamance County. Education is our platform; our life’s work. While others may seek to divide, we must recommit to work together in support of our students. We must continue to focus on providing a positive, nurturing and inclusive environment for everyone.


Public education has a valuable role and critical responsibility in every neighborhood. As a school system, we embrace diversity of all kinds and believe it makes us stronger as an educational community and more welcoming as a county. We believe that every individual deserves dignity and respect at all times, in all circumstances. Each school day we are granted the unique opportunity to model our beliefs for more than 22,000 students. It is more important now than ever to let our actions speak loudly for everyone to take notice. We can lead by example.


We have the expertise and experience to help students make sense of conflicting emotions and uncertainty within their worlds. We can show students how to separate facts from emotion, how to research and how to determine reality for themselves. We must use our skills to approach racial and political divides in a calm, positive, and constructive manner. 


With the federal, state and local elections behind us, now is the time for us to recommit to our collective work for improving outcomes for our students, our families, and our community.  As educators, we hold our community’s trust—Alamance County’s future is in our classrooms. Our students are counting on us. Thank you for your continued focus on helping each child achieve his or her personal best. We will be successful together.