Return to In-person Learning: Elementary Part II

Posted by William Benson on 3/1/2021

I visited six of our elementary schools today. And, I have two observations to share:


  1. Our staff has done an exceptional job preparing for student return to in-person learning; and,
  2. Our students are doing an exceptional job following safety protocols in our schools.


At AO, I learned a couple of new terms, roomie and Zoomie, indicating the location of student learning. At Elon, I welcomed students to their first day back to (in-person) school. Students at Highland were learning about adaption in sharks. I asked them what adaptions were made to get students back into in-person learning – the response “masks, physical distancing, and frequent hand washing.”


In each classroom, I thanked staff and students – letting them know that they are leading the way for more students to return to in-person learning.




P.S. The only concern I encountered today was related to the increased number of car riders and ensuing traffic. Typically, the first day of schools brings a kindergartener or two uncertain about leaving their families to attend school, not so today.