Return to In-person Learning: Secondary

Posted by William Benson on 3/8/2021

High school and middle school students who wanted to return to in-person did so today after almost one year of learning remotely from home. I spent some time this afternoon at Williams High School visiting classrooms and talking with students and teachers. Physical distancing was evident throughout the school. Hallways were directionally marked. Mask compliance was in effect. Daytime cleaning of frequently touched surfaces was taking place. And best of all, teachers were working with their in-person and remote learners at the same time. Thanks to the entire Williams’ team for the exceptional job they did preparing for students to return to in-person learning!




Williams High School classrooms and hallway


P.S. The classroom in the bottom picture is Mr. Riggs’ science classroom. Mr. Riggs teaches chemistry and physical science, and has quite the mask collection, including one with elements from the periodic table on it. He also has quite the inviting classroom (and I am not saying that just because I taught chemistry) – lots of interesting things to look at and think about. He even has a green screen setup – think weather forecaster on TV, but using atoms and molecules instead of weather maps!!