Environmental Advocacy at Elon Elementary

Posted by William Benson on 3/19/2021

You probably have heard it said that there is No Planet B for Earth. Regardless of how you feel about climate change, disposed plastic is a problem and is found virtually everywhere on Earth. We have a responsibility to reduce the presence of plastic in our environment.


The ABSS Board of Education and I were reminded of that this week in a letter from a 5th grader at Elon Elementary.


An excerpt of Nora’s letter follows:


Dear School Leaders,


Hello. I am a 5th grader at Elon Elementary, and I am writing to you about problems I have noticed. At school, we aren’t allowed to bring reusable water bottles from home because of Covid. So the district provides every student two 8-ounce plastic water bottles every day. Also, since classes have to eat in our classrooms, school lunch and breakfast are served in plastic bags that are all later thrown away.


Are you aware of how much we are hurting the earth every day?!?! Eight to ten thousand plastic water bottles are used and thrown away 4 days a week in the county. That is 144,000 thousand every month. Adding on to that, plastic bags are used to hold school meals. That is at least 10 thousand more plastic products.


Nora went on to advocate for a recycling program in her letter, starting at Elon Elementary. In speaking with Principal Davern, it appears that effort is in the works.


Thank you, Nora, for your leadership and advocacy in protecting our environment!




Dr. Benson and student